25 May 2018

"See" what happen's to your body when you consume raw eggs

An image of raw eggs (photo/www.africanseer.com)

Eggs are good in our bodies whether cooked, fried or raw. but when you eat a raw egg you double your chances of getting what a cooked one can give. Below are the benefits of eating a raw egg at least once in a week;


Raw eggs contain many nutrients than when cooked. Cooked eggs too contain nutrients but when cooked, the nutrients get depleted. So for you to get more nutrients from eggs, go for raw ones.

Proteins and minerals

One raw egg contains around 6grams of proteins important in the production and repair of cell in the body.

Rich in cholesterol- cholesterol is an important fatty nutrient in a human body’s functioning. It is important in the production of the cell membrane and in carrying minerals.

They contain zinc

A raw egg is said to have 19% more zinc than when it is cooked. Zinc is important as it boosts the immunity to fight diseases and to support the nervous system.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega three is important in human as it crucial to heart and brain health. A raw egg has 33% of omega 3 than those that are cooked.

Vitamins D

While we can get vitamin D from the sun's rays, a raw egg also can offer you these vitamins. A raw egg contains 36% of vitamin D than when cooked. Vitamin D is important not only for bone health but also for the health of your immune system.